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Every day approximately 1/3 of the waste that is deposited in landfills could be composted.  The resulting carbon footprint from shipping organic waste combined with the greenhouse gases associated with land-filling highlight the more environmentally sound practice of composting.  Organic Waste Haulers (OWH) is a compost hauling service dedicated solely to the reduction of inefficient and environmentally damaging way in which organic waste is handled.   The partnership to form OWH was born out a genuine concern for the Environment and the belief that the manner in which garbage is handled needs to change to accommodate the diversion of organic compostable materials from the waste stream.


What We Do

Compost Hauling is an essential service that needs to occur to shift the inefficient and wasteful manner in which organic materials are transported and unnecessarily sent to the landfill in large quantities.  Organic waste is the heaviest portion of the existing waste stream and can be converted back into valuable and nutrient rich soil for application in an urban farming or landscaping environment.  As gas prices rise the inefficient transporting and land-filling of this heavy organic waste will undoubtedly cause the cost of garbage transport to increase.  OWH is committed to stop this inefficient process by actively working to reduce the distance that compost waste travels to be composted and strives to create a complete closed loop by returning the composted materials back to the DMV market in the form of compost soil.  


Our Commitment

OWH is committed to improving the Environment for future generations by changing the way garbage is viewed and handled.  Our commitment is to continually seek more efficient and eco-friendly manners to transport and process the organic material in a cost effective manner.  A key part of this commitment is always striving to drive the cost of compost transport lower  so that a larger audience will find savings in composting.   

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